Best Time to Buy/Best Time to Sell

Best Time to Buy in Past 5 Years

Best Time to Sell in Past 5 Years

Sort of sounds like I am not truly clued into the market place?

Best time to buy.    Any of our prospects who buy right now, have the awareness that pre-owned homes in Collin County are appreciating at a rate of approximately 12% per year.  (That means that a pre-owned property, purchased at a price of $200,000 could increase in value by $24,000 over the coming one year term.)  By comparison, new homes sold in Collin County are appreciating at a rate of about 20% per year or greater.  A new home purchased in Collin County at a price of $200,000 may be worth $250,000 – at the end of one year from contract date.  If you are considering the purchase of a home today, know that we have not seen such appreciation in value at any time during the past 5 years.

Best time to sell.    Home values are up from 12% to 20% over their values one year ago.  This means that thousands of Collin County owners have a net equity in their home today, where they had zero net equity one year ago.  An example of a home owner with a market value of their home (March 2013) of $200,000 – with a mortgage balance of $185,000 would have realized zero from a sale, after real estate commission and seller closing costs.

But today, with an appreciated value of $230,000 a sale of such owner’s property might provide such owner with a net equity of $25,000 or more.

Now is the time to buy.  We can help you with choosing just the right home to purchase.

Now is time to sell.  We can get you a higher price than at any time during the past 5 years.

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Begin Retirement Planning – Wealth Building Now

Begin Retirement Planning – Wealth Building Now

March 19, 2014

 Failure to Save

I heard a very disturbing news feature on Fox news this week.  The article was emphasizing the reality that so many couples will not be able to retire when they want to because of lack of sufficient funds.  According to the article:

25% of couples have less than $5,000 in savings
Another 25% have less than $50,000 in their savings/retirement accounts

 Here is a plan that will help you prepare for your future.  Combine home ownership with an aggressive mortgage payoff program.  If you do not own a home, you need to buy one.  Don’t waste your life and your future paying off your landlord’s mortgage.

Let’s suppose that if your goal is sufficiently important that you can save back $500 every month for the next fifteen years.  Interest rates are very low at this time.  You can buy a home with a 4% mortgage and you can earn about 2.0% on a savings accounts.

Savings Plan #1.  Open a savings account and faithfully deposit $500 every month for the next 15 years.  If you are 35 years old today, your nest egg will grow to $104,856 by your 50th birthday.  You may need to cut back on eating meals out, or drive an older car, but it will be a really happy birthday for your 50th birthday.  This is an exciting plan and it will certainly reward you well.  The only problem is that with retail prices escalating continuously you may find that your birthday cake, which you could buy today for $12.00 may cost you $22.00 for your 50th birthday party.  Inflation will be either your worst enemy or your best friend.  Inflation exists today and it will be there on your 50th birthday.

Savings Plan #2.  Buy a house now.  Buy a second (rental) house in 7 years.

 First Home $170,000 3 br/2 bath about 1,900 sq. ft. with a 96.5% loan to value FHA loan – mortgaged over 30 years.  You can get into the home with $6,000 down.  Monthly payments will be $782.96 for principle and interest.  If home values increase at 5% per year, at the end of year 15, the home will be worth about $370,000.

Your total monthly mortgage payment, including property taxes and homeowner insurance may run you about  $1,250/mo.  You would have to pay significantly more than that every month to lease a suitable home.

Your savings program includes a commitment on your part to pay extra principle payments of $500 every month.  If you increase your total principle and interest payment by $500 your mortgage will be paid off in only 14 years rather than 30 years.  Your total equity in your primary home will be $370,000 by your 50th anniversary.

 Second Home – at the end of year 7 (when you celebrate your 42nd birthday), buy a second home.  Buy a home valued at only $170,000, one that you can rent for about $1,200 per month.

If your mortgage lender insists on a 20% down payment for this second home (say $35,000) you need to make it happen.  Possibly you sell a car valued at $35,000 and use that money for the down payment.  This second home will likely increase in value by $80,000 by your 50th birthday.  So all together you see how you could have two houses with a combined equity of well over $450,000.  Now that’s enough to make it a very happy birthday.

What if you are already 50 years old?  Same plan.  You may or may not live to see your 65th birthday party, hopefully you will.


  1. Don’t pay off your landlord’s mortgage – buy a home now.
  2. Pay extra principle payments of $500 every month.
  3. Buy a second home in 7 years.

Prepare yourself now for a really happy birthday in fifteen years.

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Buy Your Home Now With a Credit Score of 580

As a real estate professional marketing homes in Dallas Real Estate, McKinney Real Estate, Frisco Real Estate, Allen Real Estate and Plano Real Estate, we have been hindered in helping our buyer prospects.  Our lenders have absolutely required credit scores of at least 640 in order to submit a prospective home buyer’s loan application.

Now, there is a completely new opportunity out there.  At least for now, we have available a mortgage lender who will fund a home purchase for a buyer with a lower average credit score – down to an average credit score of only 580.

For us that means twice as many closings are possible each month.

For many of our buyer prospects that means a “YES” instead of a “NO”.

With home values increasing every month, it means a drastically improved housing economy for Dallas County, Collin County and Denton County.

For a couple who have been renting for several years, bravely struggling to save their down payment and to boost their credit score up to 640, it may mean buying a home of their choice right now and watching the value of their home increase dramatically over the coming 12 months.

Don’t Pay Your Landlords Mortgage

Buy Your Dream Home Now

You Do Not Have to Live in California

You Do Not Have to Live in California

I want to tell you about Ron and Becky.  They live in LA County in California.  Both Ron and Becky were born in California; they have lived there all their lives.  They raised three children there, in a three bedroom home that they bought in 1971.  Their house mortgage was paid off in 2001.  The three kids are out on their own and ready to start their own families.

The house that Ron and Becky purchased in 1971 was originally priced at $181,000.  Several California real estate agents have talked with Ron and Becky about selling their home, at a price above $650,000.  Sounds wonderful; but if they were to sell they would have to buy somewhere, and having looked around, every house that they half way liked is priced well above $600,000.  Their conclusion has always been, we’re trapped, we will simply have to live here until we die.  At least we will be able to leave a nice inheritance for the kids.


Do You Really Have to Live in California?

Ron and Becky are thinking, well, we don’t have to live in California; our kids live at least 1500 miles east of LA County.  But, we do love the mountains and the ocean!

Come on Ron and Becky.  You told me you have not been to the ocean for four years and have not been to the mountains in six years.  What holds you in California?

Ron and Becky state, we’ll be honest, we have never known anything else.  What are homes selling for in the Dallas, Texas area?  What could we expect there?

Well, one possibility would be one listing at 8 Trailridge in Melissa, a quiet suburb located in Collin County to the North of Dallas.  The home is priced at $350,000.  You could buy the Trailridge home and after selling your California home could put $250,000 in your savings account.

See the next page for a review of the 5 bedroom, 3 bath, 4 car garage on a prestigious 1.6 acre site, with a beautiful swimming pool.  But in all honesty – you do not need such a large home.

We could put you in a brand new 3 bedroom, 2 bath home in Anna, Texas located about 2 miles North of the above Melissa mansion.  The brand new house is a one story house slightly larger than your California home.  You can buy the new home for $185,000, own a house in a rapidly appreciating community and can put the remaining equity from the sale of your home (about $420,000) in your savings account.

  Want a general rule of thumb.  A comparable home to your California property is available for one-third of the value.  Your new home in the Dallas area will be located in a quiet and normally safe community with supermarkets, freeways and shopping malls located close by.


Ron and Becky – Are You Sure You Have to Live in California?   Why?

Log onto our website,, and look at hundreds  of homes better than your California home valued about one third of the price.

 By the way, if we want to commune with ocean or the mountains, we book a flight on Southwest Airlines and pay $89.00 each way, either to South Padre Island or to Santa Fe, New Mexico.  I guess we do that about every five years.

Going Green to Sell Your Dallas Home

Did you know that according to a May 2012 study on the Best Places to buy a home that Dallas, Texas was in the top 10 cities listed? Did you also know that homes in Dallas, Texas were recommended for their affordability due to their having a median value of $65 per square foot, versus a nationwide average of $92? In fact, Dallas, Texas homes are priced 5% below the national average, making Dallas, Texas a great choice for purchasing a home. Real estate analysts believe this improvement in the Dallas, Texas home market is a result of continued job growth and a shift in attitudes towards Dallas, Texas real estate.

Of course, this improvement in the Dallas, Texas home market does not mean, necessarily, that merely placing your Dallas home on the market will result in a sale. Buyers have learned to pay close attention to homes they are considering purchasing. So, with that in mind, the astute Dallas home owner will take steps to improve their home’s resale value. But what actions are best? That often depends on your Dallas, Texas home, but there are some common ones to consider if you want to appeal to the eco-friendly buyer.

Going Green to Sell Your Home in Dallas, Texas

Nearly everywhere you go, chances are you see something about “Going Green.” So here are some easy eco-friendly changes you can make to your home in Dallas that will boost the resale value.

  • Perform an energy audit by viewing your daily living routines- note where changes should be made and take the steps to make them. Your power company is happy to help and has many free online resources to help you review energy uses in your Dallas homes.
  • Add caulking and weather stripping around windows and doors.>/li>
  • Install a programmable thermostat. These will pay for themselves in just a year (sometimes less). So even if your home doesn’t sell immediately, you will benefit in lower energy costs.
  • Don’t forget the insulation! This simple action is one of the best things you can do to make your Dallas, Texas home more eco-friendly.

Large-scale Going Green with Your Home in Dallas, Texas

Of course, there are many ways to make your Dallas, Texas home eco-friendly, and some of them can be a bigger investment than others. However, keep in mind that going green on a large scale will add even more to your home’s resale value. Here are a few big changes to consider.

  • Converting to solar or wind power
  • Upgrading the AC unit to a newer model that requires less energy
  • Installing windows that are designed to be energy efficient
  • One of the newer actions you can take to lower energy costs is to install radiant heat barriers, which regulate how heat is transferred in your home.
  • Perhaps, one of the most costly, but certainly one yielding the biggest real estate resale value is getting a new roof. This will not only add aesthetic appeal but also lower energy costs.

These eco-friendly upgrades may seem unnecessary, but can make a big difference in selling your home in Dallas. Take some time to determine what changes you can make to boost your home’s resale value.

At The Neel Group, we assist our clients in finding the exact Dallas home they are searching for. We can help you find the very best Dallas Real Estate in Texas for your family.